A small embryonic plant enclosed in a seed coat with some stored food


The practical application of science or knowledge.
Pest Protection

Protection from pests through crop establishment.

Disease Protection

Protection from soil and seed borne diseases

Growth Enhancers

Stimulate natural plant processes

Seed wrapped with science.

We champion new thinking.

We see the potential of seed technology to grow plants faster, stronger, healthier and less challenged during emergence and establishment. 

Solid Science.

How can we positively impact a germinating seedling. Identify the stressors and use science and knowledge to identify new seed technologies.

Assess the value proposition that new science will bring to the plant then we test, trial, scrutinise.

Technology You Can Rely On.

When we make a claims, we back it up with robust science. 
We carryout randomised, replicated plot trials in multiple countries using independent government organisations to give unbiased results. The results are peer reviewed and published so you can trust what we say.

Seed applied slug repellent.

This technology delivers seedling mollusk protection through establishment. Perfect for direct drilling and minimum tillage.


Biogrow approved organic seed treatment

Combinations of natural botanicals and organic compounds drive improved plant processes.

Enhance the performance of each seed.

Unlock unavailable nutrients, benefit from an improved root system and capture more sunlight.